Mini-Van Drug Bust in California

photo of marijuana plantAuthorities in California say a routine traffic stop turned into a major drug bust this week when they found more than 100 pounds of marijuana stuffed inside a minivan.

Sources say a sheriff’s deputy from Sutter County was on street patrol early Tuesday when a grey mini-van ran a stop sign somewhere in Pleasant Grove. It seemed like the typical traffic infraction incident, so the deputy quickly went in pursuit of the van. Soon, the van stopped on its own accord, and three suspects exited the vehicle and ran away.

The reason they ran for a simple stop sign violation became clear shortly after. The deputy approached the vehicle and noted that it was entirely full of what appeared to be marijuana. Upon further inspection, it was found that over 100 lbs. of marijuana was stuffed into the vehicle. Possibly, the suspects planned on drying out the plants and selling them on the street for tens of thousands of dollars. However, no official motive or plan has been determined at this point.

Sacramento criminal lawyers point out that although marijuana use is legal in California to some degree, there are strict rules surrounding its use and transportation. You can still be arrested for marijuana related crimes just like any other drug offense. Drug offenses often carry serious criminal penalties and should not be taken lightly.

Regarding the van occupants that fled, helicopter based officers were dispatched to the scene to help locate the suspects. In the end, police apprehended T. Le and  S. Sanchez-Paz. Both were taken to the Sutter County jail and booked for the alleged transportation and possession for sale of marijuana. All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Trump is Still Going Hard

Photo by DonkeyHotey


Donald Trump, the American real estate mogul, did not take home the Iowa Caucus as many expected, but he is still looking strong in the Republican race to the White House. As of Wednesday this week, it was announced that Trump took a solid lead against the second ranked Republican, Kasich. In fact, Trump posted an impressive 20 percent lead over Kasich. This is reassuring news to Trump’s campaign as he heads further into 2016.

Many thought that Trump’s time had finally come, but they were wrong. Many speculated that Trump had come to an end due to the recent successes of Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Cruz won the Iowa Caucus with Trump trailing not too far behind. Rubio also finished fairly strong in Iowa and many felt he would get a huge boost out of his numbers there. However, when the Republicans headed to NH, the Granite State seemed to support Trump’s message the most.

Trump is heading to South Carolina as the man to beat. He ended his time in NH by reciting his favorite conservative themes and somewhat extreme ideas, most specifically the border wall. Yet, it seems that this is what voters want.

Trump believes that the exit of other candidates will continue to strengthen his numbers. Trump says he believes he will get “a lot” of votes which would have gone to the candidates who are forced out. Overall,  Trump expressed optimism regarding the upcoming primaries.

Mexican Prison Riot Blamed on Overcrowding

A drug gang riot recently occurred in a Mexico prison located in the town of Monterrey. Over 40 inmates were killed during the fight while approximately 12 remained injured. Mexico announced that this was the most dangerous riots in recent history.

The Scene of the Riot

The large scale brawl began in the middle of the night when inmates set a small building on fire. The prison became engulfed in smoke and flames and created the perfect scenario for a chaotic night. Many inmates were burned by the uncontrolled flames. At least one inmate was even shot with a firearm during the fight. Apparently, the battle was part of a larger war between the Gulf cartel and the Zeta drug gang. According to Mexican news sources, the two groups are led in prison by high level gang members named Jorge Herandez Cantu and Juan Zaldivar Farias respectively.

Surprisingly, none of the inmates in the facility were able to escape. The riot happened at a time when the country of Mexico is expecting the visit of the Roman Catholic Pope in a nearby Northern Mexico city.

Grieving Family Members Gathered

The Governor of Nuevo Leon later stated that fifty-two people died in the bloody chaos. He also made it clear that the motive behind the riot was still not known. The Governor went on with the gruesome task of naming each of the victims who perished. He also mentioned that some of the victims were not yet identified due to severe burns and other types of mutilation.

Many family members of prisoners gathered during the press conference to try an get a update on what had happened. A few of the attendees were shocked to find out that their loved one was among theose that had suffered fatal injuries. Some members of the crowd voiced their concern about the dangerous conditions in the prison and even threw bottles and rocks at the prison’s gates. Riot police officers were on the scene to control the crowd, and eventually let some family members into the prison facility to visit incarcerated relatives.

A Bloody History

This particular riot echoes back to several other macabre events that have occurred in Mexican prisons. Just four years ago, the Zeta and Gulf cartels battled in another Nuevo Leon prison called Apodaca. In that event, the Zeta are alleged to have killed up to 44 members of the Gulf faction. A few months before the Apodaca killings, a jail in Taumaulipas experienced large scale fighting between inmates which left over 30 prisoners dead.

Many blame these riots on the blatant overcrowding of these prison facilities. The prison involved in the latest riot, Topo Chico, is said to house approximately 1,000 extra prisoners over it’s normal operating capacity. With so many extra bodies, it is hard for prison guards and gang leaders to keep prisoners in line. Most gangs resort to extreme violence to ensure that their power structure is kept in tact.

A Look at Human Rights

Most Mexican prisons are in violation of human rights principles. Over the years, several groups have tried to work with the government to make a change for the better. However, the widespread corruption amongst prison officials and the lack of support from the government makes it a losing proposition in most cases. The large majority of the prisons are actually run by the drug cartels and not by the appointed officials. These problems will continue to set the perfect stage for these bloody prison riots. The government will not be able to prevent these incidents until it is able to control the prison system and ensure that law and order is maintained.


Is it Trump Time? – The Iowa Caucus

It’s the snippet of truth for “The Donald.” The brash land head honcho has touted his business record and riches, opposed political accuracy, summoned online networking, offended Latinos, the Muslim religion and his adversaries, and declined to apologize for anything. Furthermore, through the long prelude to the race season, Trump has overwhelmed the Republican race every step of the way.

Tonight’s caucus in Iowa will offer the principal genuine test of his capacity to change all the consideration encompassing his application into enduring constituent support. Only time will tell if he is able to do it!

Surveys propose that Trump, who has never remained for any political office, remains very nearly a possibly dazzling triumph that would shake the Republican foundation. He beseeched his supporters on Monday to ensure they appear to the caucus polling stations. His speech was sure to motivate many would-be supporters.

At a rally in Cedar Rapids that included Sarah Palin as a warm-up act, Trump declined to play the typical pre-race session of heated debate and catchy statements, and instead visiting some last minute caucus sites. Trump again echoed his classic campaign objectives of strengthening the borders, building a border wall, and taking back the country.

“I would prefer not to do well, I need to win,” Trump said. Additionally, we heard “I need to win Iowa. It will send such an extraordinary message, to the point that we are not going to take it any more,” from Trump who foreseeing a “colossal” triumph.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Trump’s fundamental GOP rival, said he’s fairly “settled” about the councils. On the off chance that Trump rises on top in Iowa, Cruz said he would “joyfully praise him.” Cruz is banking on the presence of the religious right to help give him a boost in the Iowa caucus. He has worked Iowa extensively in the weeks leading up to the caucus and probably has the most ground troops out of all the candidates.

The Iowa caucus is so important because it is the first step to dropping nonviable candidates. For example, it is expected that Carly Fiorina will not go on with her candidacy after she shows poor numbers in Iowa, as expected. Losing the primary (albeit with some noticeable support) won’t necessarily kill the major candidates such as Cruz, Trump and Rubio. However, it can give a lot of momentum to the man on top. Everyone but Trump really needs to win here since Trump already leads in the next state…New Hampshire.